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We have had lots of questions about whether our boxes make good gifts for newborns and the answer is always a resounding YES.

If your friend, relative, neighbour, work acquaintance has just had a baby, our boxes make brilliant and thoughtful presents, as a subscription or as a one-off gift box. Your gift can start this little baby on such an exciting lifelong reading journey…which, let’s be honest is a way better present than a novelty baby gro.

Reading to newborns can feel unusual but it does such good things to their little brains;

  • It stimulates and develops their hearing
  • It teaches them about communication, how it works, the different tones of your voice.
  • It exposes them to lots of different sounds that will be the building blocks for them learning to talk
  • In time they will start to recognise pictures and words and become more familiar with language.
  • It’s a wonderful bonding experience for an adult and child and gives you extra bonus cuddling time.
  • Reading with children from birth prepares them for a lifetime of learning, laying the foundation for success at school.
  • Having books around the house will make your baby familiar with them and more confident as they grow in picking them up and looking at them.

The added bonus of buying our boxes as a gift is that because all of the books we choose are reflective of society, so show things like people in wheelchairs, a mix of races and cultures, women working etc, babies will grow up seeing these things and accepting them as normal. You won’t have to convince young children later that women can drive trucks or that people with disabilities can have wild and exciting adventures, they’ll already know from seeing it so often.

But how do you do it?

It might feel like the most natural thing in the world, or you might feel really awkward about getting started. Don’t worry, practice makes everything easier.

Choose a time when there are few distractions, just you, your baby and a brightly coloured board book. Let them handle it and touch the pages. As they get older, find ones with textures and flaps and interesting shapes. Snuggle them in to enhance the experience and read the book. Using different voices, different volumes, with lots of eye contact, showing them the pictures as you go along. As time goes on they will learn to engage more and more becoming interested in the books, reaching out, pointing and babbling. It’s a lovely thing to do and one which is guaranteed to do brilliant things for them throughout their whole lives.

If you want to subscribe or buy a gift, head on over to our website. There are plenty of subscription and one-off gift options to choose from.

Happy Reading!

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