‘Diverse Books’ and reading for pleasure

‘Diverse books’ is not a genre We are asked a lot to provide ‘diverse books’. It’s one of the search terms people use to find us on Google and we use it in blogs and other information because generally, most people know what we’re talking about and we need people to find us. But if […]

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Ofsted and how we can help!

Click here for a little video summary of what this blog is all about. In September last year, Ofsted’s new inspection framework came into effect and with it, a new push towards inclusion and diversity. Little Box of Books is supportive of initiatives that make learning environments more inclusive. While Ofsted may not be the […]

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What’s influencing our kids?

Little Box of Books exists because we think it’s crucial to monitor the messages that our children are receiving. Messages need to be accurate and helpful in forming a compassionate and kind world view. But books are only one part of the picture. There are a myriad of influences waiting to intrude and make an […]

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