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Book Review: A Boy Called Bat

A book called A Boy Called Bat, which features an autistic main character and his new pet skunk

Toria has reviewed this beautiful story, A Boy Called Bat.

This book is perfect for children aged from 7-11. It is a story about an autistic young boy and his determination to keep a skunk as a pet.

The illustrations add to the story and help the reader to understand and envision the characters. The story offers a too rare perspective on being autistic and gives beautiful insight into the way some people think and process the world. It also shows how autistic children may present to the world, often written off as awkward or difficult. An insight like this helps children to develop empathy which is a crucial part of growing up.

The story itself is brilliant. Bat’s determination to keep his new pet skunk is admirable and the story is utterly absorbing.

BAT has a sister, who is not autistic. The story shows how this can impact on family dynamics. And how they adapt and manage to make it work. Every family is different and giving children insights into the lives of other families helps them to realise that there is no such thing as normal.

Bat’s parents are divorced and through great storytelling you learn how he deals with this from his unique perspective.

I would fully recommend this brilliant story to all children. It’s a really readable story,  and beautifully told. And you can buy a copy here.

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