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Book Review: Nen and the Lonely Fisherman

The book cover of Nen and the lonely fisherman. An LGBTQ love story of merman and underwater adventuring. Showing how diverse our lives all are.

What can we say about this wonderful book that hasn’t already been said. Daneisha who works on Customer Services has been checking out the smash hit that has taken the book world by storm.

Nen And The Lonely Fisherman

Nen and The Lonely Fisherman is all about a merman called Nen who seems to have everything he could wish for but still feels something is missing.  He goes out at night singing a song to find what is missing but he just can’t find it, until one day he comes across Ernest and feels something new.  This human isn’t like the ones  that his father warned him about. When Ernest hears Nen’s song  they find each other. Which, of course doesn’t go smoothly.

This book challenges stereotypes. We’re used to mermaids not mermen. It’s a refreshing change to the genre. It’s lovely that nobody has to change to be accepted as in the original LIttle Mermaid story.  And of course the lovely gay love story at the centre of the book makes it classic fairytale material.

This story reflects a lot of people’s reality.  Struggling to date or befriend somebody outside of their community. This book shows everybody is different. Nobody is what they seem to be on the outside. And sometimes you need to meet people before you understand your true self.

To buy a copy of this wonderful book, head here.

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