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Book Review: The Girl Who Stole an Elephant

This book has been reviewed by Millie who is a big fan of this story.

This is the story of a girl called Chaya, a thiefl. She ends up on an adventure of a lifetime after stealing quite a big prize…The Queen’s jewels.

But for a good reason…to help those in need.

Featuring a stolen elephant, a prison breakout and the start of a revolution, this book is packed full of action that takes the reader on the whirlwind journey the characters are on. It’s difficult to find a more absorbing book.

Set in Sri Lanka, the author paints a vibrant landscape for the reader to explore and get lost in, as well as an entertaining cast of characters that develop as the story goes on.

I always enjoy the reluctant allies turned friends storyline, and this book delivers exactly that.

Chaya is a strong female lead, getting away wth things because she is surrounded by people who underestimate girls. She’s feisty, brave and sometimes difficult, making her a breath of fresh air compared to many other female characters.

If you’re up for an absolute page turner of an adventure book, The Girl Who Stole an Elephant is for you.

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