Little Box of Books was founded by Lynsey and Neil who want to see better representation in the books they read to their kids. Lynsey is a former TV person and former aid worker while Neil runs his own IT business and is the technical and finance brain behind the company.

They are committed to getting the best of inclusive children’s books for 0-11-year olds into schools and families, to help children better understand the world and their place in it.

Here's some more about the books:

You can expect…

  • A carefully curated selection of books

    Featuring brilliant storytelling, beautiful pictures

  • New favourites that can stand the ‘again, again’ test

    A refreshing change for everybody

  • Multicultural and diverse characters

    Characters incidental to the storyline that show the world in all its multicultural and diverse brilliance

  • Gender equality

    You know, girls not always being rescued, boys not always being pirates and all the nuance in between. Read more

  • A big mix-up of family situation

    Blended, single parent, two Dads, Mum and Dad, foster parents, non-wicked step-parents…you get the idea

  • More visibility for under-represented children

    Not defined by disabilities, family situations or upbringing

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