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April’s Baby and Toddler Book Box

A photograph of what is inside April's Baby and Toddler Book Box: 4 books, activities, and treats.

April’s Baby and Toddler Book Box


It’s April! Finally, the sun seems to be peering out from the clouds with a little more consistency than before. As always, we have a wonderful selection of diverse and inclusive stories for April’s Baby and Toddler Book Box.


My Mum is a Lioness by Swapna Haddow and illustrated by Dapo Adeola


We absolutely adore this book. In this story, the narrator tells us all the ways that his mother is a lioness. For example, she gobbles up and chases babies! She hangs out with a pride (other mums). Her strong, warm lioness hugs make everything better. Throughout, Mum is illustrated as a lioness, until the very end, when it’s revealed she’s a human Mum! This is a clever, witty book. We included it in our Mother’s Day selection of books that showcase just how diverse being a Mum can be.


It follows My Dad is a Grizzly Bear.  


One Love: Based on the Song by Bob Marley adapted by Cedella Marley and illustrated by Vanessa Bantley-Newton


Try to read this book without singing or smiling, I dare you. Inspired by the Bob Marley song, this book will give kids an appreciation for family, friendship, and nature.


That’s Mine by Sumana Seeboruth and Asheigh Corrin


After refusing to share, a little boy soon realises that sharing is a positive thing. If you share, then you have someone else to play with – and playing with someone is more fun than playing alone. This is the perfect read for kids who struggle with sharing.


The Stormy Day by Anna Milbourne and illustrated by Anastasia Zababashkina


This story breaks down what happens when there is a storm. The clouds are huge and the sky is dark. The animals hide in weather like this. A family go inside to watch the flashes from the storm. Their dog is a little frightened, but they comfort him. This book will help your child to navigate their feelings around potentially unsettling weather.

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