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BBC Breakfast

Lynsey appearing on BBC Breakfast to talk about diverse books

I got to speak about everything Little Box of Books does on BBC Breakfast!

Fearne Cotton wrote this tweet this week, which I jumped on like an excited Labrador.

It’s not everyday someone with a MASSIVE following talks about inclusive and representative books. I’m so glad she did because I ended up here.

There I am on the set of BBC Breakfast after talking about diverse books.

In the full interview below, you’ll hear me talking about the World Book Day Inspiration Box, which contains 20 books featuring BAME main characters and is available now to buy.

World Book Day is on the 5th March and because there are so few books published featuring BAME characters, more than a quarter of primary school pupils who are of BAME origins will struggle to dress up as a character of their own ethnicity.

We’ve created the box to give schools time to familiarise themselves with some new characters, get some brilliant costume inspiration so all pupils are ready for the big day. Buy it here.

But now, without further ado, please find my interview with BBC Breakfast below. I hope you enjoy it, I’d love to hear what you think.