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Reflect the diversity of our families, our communities and our population

Only 5% of children’s books published in 2019 had a black, Asian or minority ethnic main character, despite 33.5% of our schoolchildren being of black Asian or minority ethnic origins.

Only a fraction of these books make it into primary school libraries. To buy, check out the box options below or email [email protected] to pay by invoice. All we need is a purchase order number and the list of products you wish to buy. 

We know teachers are time pressed and that it’s hard to find the books you know your pupils need. No wonder, if so few are published.

We are here to help you diversify your bookshelves and help all children to see the diversity of our population in the books they read.

In their latest inspection framework Ofsted have a renewed emphasis on diversity and inclusion and will be inspecting schools according to new criteria. Please read our blog on how we can help you with the reading bit of an Ofsted inspection.

We sell books for 0-11 year olds, covering Primary school age, primary and middle school if you’re in a three tier system and infant school and the early years of juniors.

If you’re not in education here’s how children’s ages fit with the stages of the education system in England and Wales and Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

2-5 years old

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) / Early Level (Scotland)

5-7 years old

Key Stage 1 (KS1) / First Level (Scotland)

7-11 years old

Key Stage 2 (KS2) / Second Level (Scotland)

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Email [email protected] with your purchase order no or any other questions and we can arrange payment by invoice.

Children reading books

“Our school is incredibly diverse but it has been really hard to find story books that feature characters that our pupils identify with. Little Box of Books have provided books which are reflective of diversity of the UK population. They remind our children that anything is possible”

Amanda Matsangou

Assistant Headteacher in Newton Leys –

“The books are great thank you so much- they have all gone down really well! I was at a teachers’ as readers group the other day and was recommending you to everyone.”

Ms C Filmer-Bennett

Literacy Lead, Sudbourne Primary School – 

“Little Box of Books not only saved me an infinite amount of time, but I have also benefited hugely from their expert advice in terms of up-to-date and relevant authors and stories. I look forward to continuing to work with Lynsey and the team to keep diversifying the books at our school.”

Ms L Lyons

Jubilee Primary School –