A photograph of a book from each box: 0-3, 4-7, and 8-11.

January Boxes

This is an all-you-need-to-know on our boxes this January. Even if you haven’t subscribed in time for January, we hope that these tasters will entice you to subscribe for the coming months. You can also follow our links to purchase any of the books individually if they particularly tickle your interest…   What January Has…Read story

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A photograph of author Jen Carney holding the Secret Diary of B.U.G: a children's book featuring two mums.

Ten Questions with Jen Carney

The Accidental Diary of B.U.G is a must-read. The children’s book explodes with fantastic quirky doodles; an enthusiastic, chatty narrator; and a very strong sense of self.  Jen Carney markets the book as being perfect for reluctant readers. Page One has a ‘Should You Read This Book Decision Maker’ flow-chart: by the end, your child…Read story

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A photograph of Samantha Baines, author of The Night the Moon Went Out, a story with a deaf protagonist.

Ten Questions with Samantha Baines

This week we have interviewed the multi-talented Samantha Baines. She is an actress, comedian, broadcaster…and an author of brilliant children’s books featuring a deaf protagonist. Her latest book, The Night the Moon Went Out, is in January’s 4-7 book box. If you’d like to know more about what is in our January book boxes, head…Read story

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A photograph of Atinuke, an author who wrote a book celebrating African identity.

Ten Questions with Atinuke

Atinuke writes books about life in a West African country through the eyes of Anna Hibiscus. Being born south-west Nigeria herself, Atinuke’s heartfelt portrayal of this region is true to her own experiences. Atinuke’s story-telling is rich and colourful. Her books are a great remedy for misconceptions about ‘African life’.  Why did you start writing/illustrating…Read story

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A photograph of author Megan Rix holding her book Lixzzy & Lucky. A dog is with her.

Ten Questions with Megan Rix

At Little Box of Books, we are passionate about stories that do not pigeon-hole diverse characters with a single-issue narrative. Lizzie & Lucky: The Mystery of the Stolen Treasure, features deaf characters. It is also packed with tales of pirates, the theatre, colourful hair. And dogs. Most definitely dogs.  The author has hearing loss, and…Read story

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