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It’s that time of year again when everyone is looking for Christmas presents. The gift guides are a huge help to any small business at this time of year. We featured in the Guardian last year, which brought in lots of orders. A total boost for our very first festive season as a business. This […]

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How to be a man

It was International Men’s Day this week, so a great day to examine the stereotypes and expectations we put on young boys as they grow up.In lots of children’s books, they’re superheroes, they don’t cry, they rescue, they earn all the money and prop up the family during sad times. Males in books are pirates, […]

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Snow is falling

On our website…. Welcome to Christmas time with Little Box of Books. We all know it’s early and many of you don’t celebrate, but we want to make sure that if you want to, you can get your Christmas presents from us in plenty of time. Because we all know families who want and need […]

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Children’s career ambitions

A report today has revealed that children’s career ambitions are already limited by the age of seven. This is due to “ingrained stereotypes about social background, gender and race.” The BBC’s piece on the report explains that the most common influences on children are the occupations of people in their family and “the jobs they […]

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World Mental Health Day
Books that teach children how to manage their emotions and difficult feelings.

It’s World Mental Health Day today. Mental Health used to be something you whispered about, something secret, there weren’t words for what people experienced when they were struggling with their mental health. Unseen it was just a collection of inexplicable symptoms, that could make people unpredictable and behave out of character. They were often shunned […]

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Reflecting Realities: What’s next?

The stats are out and they’re better than last year. 4% of children’s books published in 2018 had a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic main character. This is a 3% increase from last year, but as 33% of our schoolchildren are of BAME origins, there’s still a long way to go. The stats are bad, […]

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Press Release: Reflecting Realities

Only 4% of children’s books published in 2018 featured a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic person (BAME) as the main character, a new report, Reflecting Realities, by the CLPE has today revealed. This figure is in stark contrast to diversity within society, where nearly 20% of the UK population are BAME. Lack of representation While this figure does […]

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Children’s Book of the Week

The Bear, the Piano, the Dog and the Fiddle, by David Litchfield, is our book of the week this week. We want every illustration for our walls, they add such detail and depth to this beautifully moving tale of friendship, they’re amazing! We look for stories that show male characters experiencing the full realm of […]

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If you’re ‘normal’ and you know it…
A stuffed sparrow

Nostalgia Childhood is shrouded in so much of our own nostalgia. I get a jolt in the opening bit of Star Wars, when the introductory words go up the screen. I feel it when I smell Charlie by Revlon, my Mum’s favourite perfume and there’s loads of it floating round at Christmas, when the fairy […]

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