Happy New Year!

I hope the festivities were enjoyed if you celebrate at this time of year, or you had some quality time at work or with family if Christmas isn’t for you. New Year can be a mixed experience, I find resolutions help. Starting the year with the best of intentions feels good and on this our […]

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Introducing… Doorstep Library

I now read to my children every day and we visit the library together. We are absolutely delighted to bring you some words from our charity partner Doorstep Library…For every single box we sell, we donate one book to this amazing organisation who do so much for kids in some of the most disadvantaged parts […]

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Reading to newborns
Logo for Doorstep Library

Morning and happy new week! We have had lots of questions about whether our boxes make good gifts for newborns and the answer is always a resounding YES. If your friend, relative, neighbour, work acquaintance has just had a baby, our boxes make brilliant and thoughtful presents, as a subscription or as a one-off gift box. […]

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What do you get in your box?
Cpntents of Little Box of Books

Hello hello, We’re getting a couple of new pages done for the site but in the meantime, while I am still learning how to make it look nice, I thought I’d let you all see what you’re getting in your boxes. In your first subscription box you will get… Two, three or four beautifully hand-wrapped […]

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Gender in children’s books
Mum and child reading together

There’s much to say on the topic of gender in children’s books, I wanted to just briefly mention it here with the promise of returning to the issue via experts in the coming months. Suffice to say, I think given the prominence of gender in the media now, children’s publishing has an important opportunity to […]

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Great news about prices!
Little Box of Books and boy reading

As you all know we launched our subscription box service pretty quickly and unexpectedly with an interview on Sky News in the middle of our testing phase. This week, we’ve been running around making sure the website is working properly to give you the best user experience possible. In doing so we discovered a glitch […]

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Stories changing lives
Child reading inclusive children's books

I’m so excited to be finally doing this and getting books out to you all. It’s brilliant to have children reading great stories, helping them to find the ones they love. We provide books that show the world in all its exciting diversity, finding characters who are flawed and interesting and multi-faceted. Getting more children […]

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Launch press release
Statistic from CLPE report Reflecting Realities about the lack of inclusive books for children

Embargo: 23rd July 2018 Representative and inclusive children’s book club launched today A new children’s book club has launched today, following a recent report that only 4% of children’s books published in 2017 featured characters who were of black and minority ethnic origin. The report, Reflected Realities’, authored by the Centre for Literacy in Primary […]

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Launching our children’s book club
INclusive and representative children's books

Hello and welcome. Today’s launch day and I’m so delighted you’ve found us. Thank you for taking your time to read about what we’re doing. Where it all began This amazing, exciting rollercoaster of an adventure started about 4 years ago when I went looking around Waterstones for books with a bit of diversity in […]

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What’s on your child’s bookshelf?

The chances are, your child’s bookshelf doesn’t look anything like the UK does. This could be due to limited representations of ethnicity, family set up, disabilities and gender available in children’s books. In the UK, 32% of school age children are of minority ethnic origin According to the 2011 census, 1 in 8 people in […]

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