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Book Review: My Dad’s a Grizzly Bear

A picture of a yellow book cover with the titles My Dad is a Grizzly Bear. This is a story featuring a black main charcter and about the love between a father and son. a

From the eyes of a child, Dad can appear giant and hairy. So much so that he resembles a grizzly bear more than he does a human being! This story by Swapna Haddow and Dapo Adeola will remind adults of what it is like to be a child: looking up at adults and noticing their strange habits. 

This book review has been written by Millie who is on our sales and marketing team.

Millie’s Review

This is a short and sweet story of a boy’s wild imagination regarding his dad.

The boy’s dad has many quirks such as eating all the honey or falling asleep a lot, which he likens to the behaviour of a  grizzly bear.

The story is accompanied by gorgeous, vibrant illustrations depicting each scene the boy is telling us about. We see glimpses throughout the illustrations. These make it apparent that his dad is not, in fact, a grizzly bear, adding to the charm of the story. It gives off the lovely vibes of a child telling a tall, embellished tale of something they’re excited about.

Each page is filled with character and life. It features a wide range of different people making it a joy to look at. It’s easy to read and follow with large, clear text, and will certainly bring a smile to your face as you do so.

It ends with the little boy’s dad giving him the biggest, warmest, best ever bear hug ever.

Overall, it’s a heartwarming story. One that shows us how much this boy loves and appreciates his dad.  Which is regardless of him being a grizzly bear or not. Definitely a fun read with a young one.

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