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Book Review of Dragon Mountain

Dragon Mountain is by Katie and Kevin Tsang. It is a red book cover with a blue dragon on the front and the title is written in gold.

What’s it all about?

Dragon Mountain by Katie and Kevin Tsang  is a thrilling tale of magic, dragons and newfound friendship. It is in all our 8-11 book boxes during the month of June.

So that he can learn more about his Chinese heritage and improve his Mandarin, Billy Chan’s parents send him to summer camp. In China. In the isolated mountains.

Initially, Billy longs for home, sunny California. However, his unwillingness to be in China quickly fades when he befriends three people. All of them are thrown into an unexpected adventure…

After coming face to face with a tiger, an  earthquake opens up the mountains in front of them, where they discover actual, living dragons.

As thing gets more dangerous their friendship and trust in one another is put to the test.

A must read…

The four children each have their strengths and weaknesses which force them to work together. It’s fun to see how the group dynamic changes. A fast paced story that focuses on the action, this book will keep any reader gripped to the end.

There is a hint of dragon mythology in the story, with the mix of  western and eastern dragon characters. Potentially tempting for any reluctant readers who have never considered the fantasy genre.

All the dragons have their own interesting personalities and quirks.  This leads to a fun group dynamic and some really funny moments.

The story has definitely left a lot of space for character growth and depth which will hopefully come in the rest of the series.

Full of twists and turns, and a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more, this book is a page turner and an absolute joy to read. I recommend this to any lover of fantasy and dragons, or anybody just looking for a great adventure story.

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