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Book Review: Robobabies

A Book called Robo-babies which has an orange cover and a blue round headed robot on the front, looking lovingly at a small baby robot. It's a celebration of family diversity.

Robo-babies is designed to make young children think about the way families are made. Some robots can’t make a family on their own and some robo-babies don’t have a Mum or Dad. Fortunately, some smart robots know many different ways to make robo-babies. There are many kind robots who are looking for robo-babies to give them a home. In summary, the most crucial thing in any family, is love.

It’s a great book to help children understand what makes a family and shows that there isn’t one perfect way for that to happen. It teaches self acceptance and empathy.

It’s an important book to help children to see families that look a bit like theirs, helping them to feel seen and validated. And an introduction to all children to the idea that all families are different.

As such, this book relates to kids in the UK because of the huge diversity amongst families.  This is a story for all those in adoptive families, blended families, children born through IVF, surrogate and fostered.

For young kids who feel their family is different, this is a reassuring story.

And it’s a story for those who see one family type as normal. This teaches them to look beyond their own life and expect diversity.

What can kids learn from the book, how can teachers teach from the book?

All children should have an understanding of what makes a family.

For teachers it is a great introduction to encourage exploration of the topic of families.

It is a gentle inclusive books that make everybody feel seen.

Who will see themselves in this story and feel better understood?

In this book, it is clear that love is what makes a family. As a consequence, both children and adults will see themselves and feel better understood.

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Read about how the author, Laura Gallagher, was inspired by her own journey with IVF to write the book.