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Book Review: The Accidental Diary of B.U.G.

The Accidental Diary of Bug, book cover by Jen Carney. A book that is a child's diversity and covers family dynamics, LGBTQ relationships and teaches children to accept who they are

This exciting, doodle-filled book touches on many different family dynamics. The writer, Jen Carney, wanted to write something that reflected her children’s home life. The narrator, Billie, is exuberant.

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The Accidental Diary of B.U.G.

This book was a really fun read and was very easy to follow with its cartoon-based imagery and diary entry pages and fun design.

They story is all about Billie, (B.U.G.)  the main character, all about her school life, how she deals with her peers, friendships, and her normal day to day life.

Billie is adopted and has two mums. The book weaves messaging about same sex marriages, adoption, birth parents and foster parents, really naturally.  And the exploration of her keeping in touch with her birth mother and previous foster parents is perfect.

The story also covers divorce and gives a refreshing child perspective on how  it can affect their lives.

In what is a funny, fast paced book, the story is brilliant at referencing issues which lots of children deal with. Billie explains that one of her friends has to live with his grandparents because his Mum is an alcoholic.

For some children this will be their reality. And rarely mentioned in children’s books in such a gentle way.

But in this brilliant book it’s just a thing in the big jumble of things that families and children have to deal with. Seeing this in a children’s book helps children to feel less alone and helps them to expect and accept difference.

This book covers a lot of big topics without being over complicated, while still managing to be hilarious and not issues focused. This story will give you loads to talk about.

This book couldn’t come more heartily recommended. A beautifully light hearted story which is all about acceptance and understanding other people’s lives and situations.

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