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Theodora Hendrix and the Monstrous League of Monsters

A photograph of Theodora Hendrix and the Monstrous League of Monsters. A book about how fun family can be.

Millie has reviewed this wonderful book for our 8-11 readers! It is book about how fun family can be.

Theodora was a baby, abandoned in a perilous graveyard, who was rescued by Georgie. A zombie. A weird start to this book, and it only gets weirder as you continue – and it’s wonderful!

This is a book that celebrates families in all their shapes and sizes. It shows that normal means something different to everybody.

She is taken to the Monstrous League of Monsters and raised there as one of their own, even though they know they’d be in huge trouble should Headquarters’, the leaders, find out. For a long time, it all went well, until one day they received a letter threatening to expose them. Now Theodora must find out who the culprit was, or risk losing her family forever. Plenty of plot twists and shenanigans ensue.

A book for everybody!

A book that embraces the silly and funny side of monsters, making it a highly entertaining read for all. The narrator, though we don’t know who it is, does an excellent job at drawing the reader in by addressing them and making them feel like they’re part of the story.

There are fantastic illustrations all throughout the book which really makes the story come to life, and I loved looking over each one to admire the work put into them. It really gives you even more of an idea of how each character acts, both in general and with others.

The characters were all so fun to meet, and again I just really enjoyed the humorous take on monsters and spooky things.

Hugely Recommended

Definitely a book worth reading if you enjoy fun mystery stories!

This book is in all our 8-11 4 book boxes until the end of August. Buy one of those here or buy a copy of this wonderful book from here! We love stories about how diverse family can be.

We chatted to the author, Jordan Kopy, here.