FAQs for Change the Story – Business Membership

How many books will be delivered to the primary school?

For each school you pay for under the Literacy Supporter programme, we will deliver 100 books. 50 at the beginning of your membership and 50 halfway through that first year. For the Book Boost Programme we will deliver 20 books.

When and how will you deliver the teaching resources through the Literacy Supporter Programme?

We will email the resources to the primary school throughout the duration of the membership and some will arrive in the book donation boxes.

I know the primary school I want to donate to doesn’t have many books but what if they don’t have room for these books? 

We have spoken to thousands of rpimary schools and they are crying out for books. But we do speak to every school when they are selected so we will be able to check and come back to you if there are any problems.

How much work is this for me and my staff?

Very little but you can increase you involvement if that is what you would like to do. You join the scheme and we deliver the books and resources on your behalf and manage the communication between you and the school. We send a communications toolkit to help you shout about your involvement and plenty of information to inform any social media posts you want to do on the inititiative, letters to clients, PR etc etc. We are here to support you to get the most out of your involvement with Little Box of Books.

I want to do more, what can I do?

We can conduct staff training and can train your team up to read in schools, talk to kids about diversity, ensure your company is as diverse as it possibly can be. You can support as many schools as you want. Email inf[email protected] if you want to discuss further options.

For more ideas of what you can do, join our Facebook group here and join our mailing list here. 

Can I add book subscriptions to my membership?

For both Book Boost and Literacy Supporter packages you can add book subscriptions.

In the Literacy Supporter programme you get one 6 month family subscription to Little Box of Books included in tthe price.

If you have staff with children who would like to receive our inclusive and representative children’s book subscriptions, you can add them onto your membership at any time. Just let us know how many staff you would like them for at [email protected] and we will help you sort that out.

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes you definitely can, just email [email protected] with a purchase order number and we’ll invoice you.