Your business can transform your local community and economy by helping every child to fall in love with reading…

Our business memberships change lives. When a child loves to read they are more likely to succeed academically, across the board.

This sets them on the path to be whatever they want to be, participating and contributing to society – strengthening the economy, the future workforce, giving us all a brighter future.

But 1 in 8 primary schools have no library space at all, and  1 in 5 children leave primary school without reaching the reading level they need to do well in secondary school, limiting their life opportunities by age 11

“Budgets are so tight in school it is impossible to have enough money to purchase the type of diverse, interesting and exciting books we need.”

Kelly, Head Teacher, Buckinghamshire

But together, we can fix this… really easily, and help all children to fulfil their potential. 

Schools need books: For a child to fall in love with reading they need to be surrounded by books, learn what stories they like, identify with the characters and see all the possibilities that life has for them.

Schools need diverse bookshelves: If children read from diverse bookshelves they see that no matter their race, culture, family set up, background, disabilities, gender, they can be anything they want to be. They grow up with an innate understanding that everybody is uniquely important and they grow up understanding, accepting and expecting diversity in a world that celebrates everybody being true to themselves.

With this kind of start in life, we give kids the opportunity to grow into kind and compassionate humans who will change the world.

You can help us transform primary school literacy and prioritise diversity and inclusion for kids by buying books and resources for primary school children, through Little Box of Books.

Choose one of two super quick, easy ways to get involved!

Book Boost

You’re a business committed to diversity and inclusion and with a few clicks you can send books to a school who desperately needs them. Our Book Boost is a one-off delivery of 20 inclusive and representative books that will update the collection of a school, helping more children to see themselves in the books they read.

Literacy Supporter

This library transforming support will see your business donate 100 inclusive and representative books plus resources to a primary school that desperately needs them. You will receive a communications pack and a badge for your website to shout about your involvement, encouraging others to join us in our mission to help every child fall in love with reading.

Primary Schools are desperate for books…

“We are not presenting a diverse enough selection to our pupils and I worry that we are not doing enough for them to secure their own sense of self and security.”

John, Literacy Lead, Brixton, London

In 2020 we donated 10,000 inclusive books to schools through our Crowdfunder with Rochelle Humes. We were inundated with requests from schools who wanted to be part of the project.

“For many of our children our badly stocked school library is the only place that the children can access books. For some of our children they do not even own a book.”

Jane, Headteacher from Worcestershire.

“Embracing diversity is a big focus for us at the moment and we are making really good steps to embed it throughout the curriculum and the ethos of the school. But, as with many schools I’m sure, we just don’t have the budget to buy new books…”

Katherine, Assistant Head,  Norfolk.

Little Box of Books’ initiatives are changing lives…

“These books have been an amazing conversation starter across the school. It has also added more modern and diverse books to our book shelves. Books and authors that are new to me and I can’t say thank you enough.”

Yvonne, Milton Keynes

The children enjoyed seeing children with different disabilities in their books for the first time and one little boy was delighted to see a boy with a similar skin colour to him. It made me realise how limited our book selection was!

Dawn, Head of Year 2, Epping

Through our business membership you will be bolstering the literacy capacity of your local primary school, future-proofing the workforce and improving the local economy . In just a few clicks, you’ll be donating books and crucial resources to primary schools in your local area…You’ll be bringing transformation and hope to your community, instilling a sense of pride, importance and purpose in your team.

For your Literacy Supporter package:

100 inclusive and representative books are donated to the primary school of your choice | Your school receives a package of lesson plans and assembly ideas | You receive a toolkit of communications materials to help you easily communicate about this community changing work | You receive Monthly updates about the Change the Story project and the work of Little Box of Books | You receive quarterly updates from your school |You receive the Little Box of Books Literacy badge for your website and external communications (see example below)| You receive a little Box of Books subscription, 2 books per month, for 6 months.

For your Book Boost:

20 books are donated to a school who desperately needs them |Receive a thank you message from the children at the school |Receive monthly updates about our literacy work | Receive a communications pack to help you talk about our work.

Next Steps

  • Click the button below, fill in the details of the school you would like to support, or leave it blank if you want us to choose.
  • You will receive a welcome email by return email.
  • We will then be in touch within 10 days (longer in school holidays!) with a communications toolkit, including your Literacy Supporter badge (see example below), for you to share on your website and social media… to help you talk to any staff you have, press, local community about your involvement in the project.
  • We will communicate with the school, let them know about your donation and link you up. You will then receive monthly updates about the project, with regular updates from the school you are supporting.
  • Your books will be donated. More children will discover the joy of reading, giving them the best possible chance to fulfil their potential and achieve their dreams.