A graphic featuring books to Books That Humanise Asylum Seekers.

Children’s Books That Humanise Asylum Seekers

Children’s Books That Humanise Asylum Seekers The New British Policy on ‘Relocating’ Asylum Seekers to Rwanda…. We are all now aware of the UK government’s plans to send some asylum seekers to Rwanda. The plans are intended to tackle the small boats carrying single men arriving across the channel. The asylum seekers will be ‘relocated’…Read story

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A book called A Boy Called Bat, which features an autistic main character and his new pet skunk

Book Review: A Boy Called Bat

This book is perfect for children aged from 7-11. It is a story about an autistic young boy and his determination to keep a skunk as a pet. Toria has reviewed this beautiful story, A Boy Called Bat. The illustrations add to the story and help the reader to understand and envision the characters. The…Read story

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A photograph of the contents of March's 8-11 Book Box.

March’s 8-11 Book Box

March’s 8-11 Book Box What is in March’s 8-11 Book Box? March has been a busy month. On World Book Day, we launched our programme with Chelsea Foundation. For International Women’s Day, we celebrated diverse female characters in children’s books. Check out our reviews of the books included in March’s 8-11 Book Box. Sleepover Take-over…Read story

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A photograph of Lizzie & Lucky: The Mystery of the Stolen Treasure. A yellow book with a red title. A little girl with brown hair holds a magnifying glass, there is a treasure chest, and a white dog with black spots. Lizzie speaks sign language at home.

Lizzie & Lucky: The Mystery of the Stolen Treasure

  Renowned children’s author, Megan Rix (The Lost War Dog, Florence and the Mischievous Kitten), has written a brilliant book in her Lizzie & Lucky series. Today we are reviewing Lizzie & Lucky: the Mystery of the Stolen Treasure. This book features a Deaf protagonist, Lizzie, who uses sign language at home with her Deaf…Read story

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February's 8-11 Book Box.

February’s 8-11 Book Box

February’s 8-11 Book Box As children verge on pre-teens, it can become a little trickier to have a tab on what they are reading. Perhaps, they just want to be like every kid before them since the late 1990s and read Harry Potter after Harry Potter book. And that is what it is. Policing books…Read story

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Picture is the cover of My Hair by Hannah Lee and Allen Fatimaharan

Book Review of My Hair by Hannah Lee

Daneisha reviews Hannah Lee’s children’s book, My Hair. A book that teaches us to celebrate afro hair. My Hair is a beautifully written book about a little girl who is trying to find the perfect hairstyle for her birthday. It is a wonderful celebration of black hair and talks the reader through lots of different…Read story

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