The Accidental Diary of Bug, book cover by Jen Carney. A book that is a child's diversity and covers family dynamics, LGBTQ relationships and teaches children to accept who they are

Book Review: The Accidental Diary of B.U.G.

This exciting, doodle-filled book touches on many different family dynamics. The writer, Jen Carney, wanted to write something that reflected her children’s home life. The narrator, Billie, is exuberant. Toria is our sales and marketing assistant and today’s book reviewer. The chances are, if you’re a school customer you’ve probably talked to her. The Accidental…Read story

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A Book called Robo-babies which has an orange cover and a blue round headed robot on the front, looking lovingly at a small baby robot. It's a celebration of family diversity.

Book Review: Robobabies

Robo-babies is designed to make young children think about the way families are made. Some robots can’t make a family on their own and some robo-babies don’t have a Mum or Dad. Fortunately, some smart robots know many different ways to make robo-babies. There are many kind robots who are looking for robo-babies to give…Read story

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