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Children’s books for August

Children's books for August 2022

Great children’s books make for great holidays. And we have just updated all of our bundles to help you out this Summer holiday. We pride ourselves on finding the best inclusive books for children aged 0-11 so they grow up understanding that there is no such thing as normal.

Again for the people at the back

Teach your kids that there is no such thing as normal, that fitting in isn’t the end goal. The end goal is all about being them being true to themselves and letting others do the same. Inclusive Children’s books help them to do that.

We don’t call them diverse books, because a single book can’t be diverse. But a bookshelf can and that’s what we want for every school and every family.

Don’t let your limiting beliefs limit children in your care.

As a parent or carer you might have strong opinions about girls wearing pink and being sweet and gentle and staying clean but your 5 year old may not feel comfortable with that. She might want to express herself differently. But she also might not want to disappoint you. Give her permission to be herself.

Your 11 year old might be wondering whether his crush on a boy is normal but he doesn’t know who to ask. He doesn’t want to say it to anyone in school in case he gets laughed at. It’s a topic that has never been brought up at home. He feels anxious and sick about his confusing feelings. There are books that can help you all out with that.

You may be a black parent who grew up knowing that people with your skin colour don’t have stories written about them. Stories that aren’t issues based or about struggle.

Ih exciting news, there are now so many brilliant books written by black authors, featuring brilliant black characters. Things are changing.

August’s Brilliant Book Bundles

So without further ado, August’s brilliant children’s books are as follows…

Kids’ books for babies

For babies in their first year of life. Read around them, read next to them, show them the pictures, let them grab the baby books. Let their love for children’s books start now. This month we have two brand new hard wearing versions of our old favourites.

When A Dragon Comes to Stay: A board book version of the classic story which is all about being kind and accommodating and generous, getting babies started on the fundamentals from day one.

Look Up: Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola have created a brilliant black girl character who is feisty, imaginative and determined. Rocket is the star of their first book Look Up and this new version is a board book. Designed to be handled by strong, exploring little hands.

Kids’ books for toddlers

For children aged 1-3, when they’re just learning to navigate the world and giving out lots of opinions about everything. Children’s books for toddlers this month are…

I want to be a Ballerina: A board book that explores what children want to be when they grow up. This one tells them all about becoming a ballerina.

Oona and The Shark: A book that helps young children to understand what it means to be friends with someone. This is a lovely story that encourages empathy, in a book that features a black mermaid main character.

Kids’ books for preschoolers

These children are getting ready for school, maybe they’re in reception and they have big ideas. They are already making sense of the world and books can make sure that they do that with kindness and compassion. Children’s books we’ve chosen are

The Marvellous Doctors for Magical Creatures: Is a book about finding out who you are and being true to yourself. The main character has two dads, sending gentle messages about acceptance to all readers.

Remixed: There aren’t enough children’s books that teach us about family diversity in an accessible and compassionate way. This one does though and is a must for every bookshelf. This is a lovely story about families evolving and changing and everyone learning to be OK, whatever the family looks like.

Kids’ books for 5-8 year olds

The early chapter books are books for children who want to get a little more involved in the story. They may need some assistance with their reading or they may want to read these more independently. These books have a balance of pictures and story. They’re fast paced and keep attention all the way through. The perfect books to keep 5-8 year olds entertained.

Leonora Bolt, Deep Sea Calamity: We have a female inventor theme this month. Leonora Bolt is fun, hilarious and a genius inventor. Grab this one for a joyful ocean adventure

Space Blasters, Suzie Saves the Universe: Suzie Wen is an inventor but she’s in space, literally saving the universe with her life changing inventions.

I know I’m not supposed to have favourites, but this box fills me with joy this month.

Kids’ books for 8-11 year olds

It’s reassuring to know what your tween is reading, isn’t it. If you’ve ever walked in on them browsing Netflix, you might have learned that they have a different understanding of discernment than you do. Be reassured with these book bundles that you are filling their brain with stuff that is healthy for them and brilliantly entertaining for them. This month’s bundle is AWESOME. I can guarantee they’re going to love these incredible books.

Let’s go into the forest with Zo and the Forest of Secrets: An incredible adventure story, set in Trinidad that will have your heart racing. It is amazing, filled to the brim with unexpected twists and turns. One of the most satisfyingly unpredictable and original books I’ve read for this age group. And in another story set in a forest The Unmorrow Curse. Buzz’s family and friends are caught reliving one Saturday in time which is destroying society and the world. This incredible adventure rooted in mythology sees him unravel secrets thousands of years old to bring his family and copmmunity back together. Unexpectedly one of my books of the year.