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Gender Equality Collective

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Our new partnership

We are delighted to launch our partnership with the brilliant people at the Gender Equality Collective. Little Box of Books is now supplying the books from their recently published GEC Best Books list 2019 in exclusive book boxes which will help more people get hold of titles that smash stereotypes and show a wide diversity of characters.  

What’s happening in children’s books?

Articles like this, published in the Guardian, highlight concerns about children’s books. Last year’s CLPE research revealed that out of the children’s books published in 2017, only 1% had a BAME main character. This is despite our UK school population comprising of almost 33% children from BAME backgrounds.

Things are changing!

Little Box of Books is working with some brilliant publishers, who are doing great things. Our existence is testament to the fact that these publishers are making some really good books. And, in response to last year’s research a whole host of initiatives have sprung up to try and change the face of children’s publishing for the better. We now need members of the public, the book purchasers to consciously choose books that better reflect UK society.

The Gender Equality Collective

The Gender Equality Collective, have, you guessed it, gender equality at their core. Their GEC Best Books list is a list of over 200 books, pulled together by their community of parents, teachers, authors and kids, designed to smash as many stereotypes as possible.

“The Gender Equality Collective is THRILLED to be working with the AWESOME Little Box of Books. Getting #smashingstereotypes books (based on our GECBestBooks2019) into U.K. homes, schools and hospitals is now a reality.

The partnership between Little Box of Books and The Gender Equality Charter illustrates the practical way that EVERYONE can get inspirational, aspirational and FUN book titles into little hands. We know gender stereotypes and bias start in early years, so this is one way of #smashingstereotypes! Why wouldn’t you do this?

Nicole Ponsford, Founder of the GEC

Calling all schools, nurseries and hospitals!

We are proud and delighted to be chosen to partner with them on this hugely important project. We hope that schools up and down the country will buy the GEC boxes, paving the way for more understanding, compassionate and kind classrooms, where everybody is important, and everybody is shown to matter.