Diverse businesses transform local communities

Calling all business owners! Together we can transform Primary School Literacy

Reading is the key to success for all children. If a child loves to read they have the best chance of fulfilling their potential, achieving their dreams and contributing to society. 

BUT because of the underfunding of schools, 1 in 8 primary schools don’t even have a library – that statistic gets worse in areas of greater deprivation.

So through our business memberships, we want to work with you and your business to diversify and revitalise your local school libraries, delivering inclusive books that help all children to see themselves in stories.

This initiative will not only change the lives of thousands of children but it will help you to turbo charge your PR, boost staff morale, future proof your local workforce and transform your community

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Diverse workforces create dynamic staff teams that can skyrocket your business to success. They also make BIG impact in the communities where they work. We can’t wait to see you in the emails!