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Gift Great Books

Reading helps us all to fulfil our potential and achieve our dreams.
Reading is crucial for all children, the skill they need more than any other in order to succeed in life. It is why such emphasis and care are put on it in the classroom. It is why we at Little Box of Books shout about books all the time. We demand for books to reflect the diversity of our population, to show equality. We want everybody to feel welcome so everybody can reap the massive benefits gained by falling in love with reading.
**However, almost 400,000 children in the UK don’t own a single book.
So, during the pandemic, while children have been emergency schooled in their homes, some children have not had anything to read at all.

Left in this situation they will fall behind, really far behind, and we want to try and put a stop to that.

On Monday March 1st,  we are launching our subscription donation campaign ‘Gift Great Books’, in the hope that you, our wonderful business supporters and book lovers will be able to pass the gift of reading onto the children who need it most.
For £24.99 per month, you can  buy a book subscription and we will deliver it to a child who wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to own such wonderful, beautiful books.
For every subscription donated, we will, as usual donate a book to Doorstep library, our charity partner but we will also donate a book to one of our partner schools.

You can purchase your subscription donation by heading here.

** Because we’re establishing a connection with a new fulfilment company we can only process one  type of subscription per transaction.
Multiple subscriptions currently need you to make multiple orders…Please bear with us, we’re working to fix this as quickly as we can…




** National Literacy Trust Book Ownership Survey 2019

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