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Great news about prices!

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As you all know we launched our subscription box service pretty quickly and unexpectedly with an interview on Sky News in the middle of our testing phase. This week, we’ve been running around making sure the website is working properly to give you the best user experience possible. In doing so we discovered a glitch in the matrix, found right within our pricing structure.

The brilliant news is that we’ve fixed it and it has substantially reduced the prices that we are charging for our subscription book boxes. Prices now start from £18.99 for our no commitment month by month subscription box. For this brilliant price you get two carefully selected, hand wrapped books, a gift associated with the books in the box, a book donated to our charity partner on your behalf to ensure that even more children have access to representative inclusive books, a reading record and reward stickers, learning guides, puzzles and activities plus all postage and packing paid.

Because we’re working to a subscription model you get better value for money, the more books you buy or the longer you commit. You can keep them all so you have a beautifully diverse bookshelf, or being already hand-wrapped, they also make great, no hassle birthday presents.

But maybe you just want to take it slowly. Discount code HELLO10 works on all monthly subscriptions and one-off gift boxes. You can see all the new prices and subscription options here.

Sorry to all of you that visited the site and saw the inflated prices. We hope you can find something more affordable now and thank you to all the people who gave us feedback about the pricing structure. We are listening and want to get it right.

We will get in touch with all of you that have made orders already to fix the prices and make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Thank you for all of your support, it has been a crazy week

2 thoughts on “Great news about prices!

  1. Good Morning,
    I am a budding author who will in a couple of weeks be self publishing. My book is very reflective of the issues that you have discussed and reasoning behind it. Who could I get in contact with to discuss further

    1. Hello and thank you so much for getting in touch with us. WE really appreciate you taking the time. Our email address is [email protected] and if you have any samples of your books that you would like us to consider, we’ll send you our postal address in response to your email.
      Thank you and good luck with publishing!

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