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Happy New Year!

I hope the festivities were enjoyed if you celebrate at this time of year, or you had some quality time at work or with family if Christmas isn’t for you.

New Year can be a mixed experience, I find resolutions help. Starting the year with the best of intentions feels good and on this our first New Year as Little Box of Books, we’ve come up with a few.

So, drumroll please….these are our 2019 resolutions.

  1. To champion a diverse range of outstanding authors from different social, cultural and racial backgrounds so children meet a more diverse range of characters through these voices and grow in understanding about the world.
  2. To help families question the content of children’s books, take an active role in book choosing and create bookshelves rich in diversity and variety.
  3. To seek out the best children’s books that makes kids laugh, cry, question, understand, care and believe in themselves. What we put in their brains really matters. Books are powerful.


If you’re not yet getting one of our monthly book boxes yet and want one of your resolutions to be, ‘diversify that family bookshelf’, we can help you with that. Pop NEWBOB5 in at checkout to get a whopping £5 off the first box of a 3 book or 4 book monthly subscription.