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A picture of question marks to signify the query over our July boxes.

We’ve had a lot of requests asking about the contents of the boxes in advance. So if you want to find out…Read on!

Pictures will come as the month progresses!

This is what to expect from our July boxes!

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2 Book boxes:

My Hair by Hannah Lee, a book about finding the perfect hairstyle for a special occasion and Smiley Eyes, Smiley Faces, which is designed to help young children understand mask wearing. Also in the box, there are the usual puzzles and activities, some delicious vegan chocolate from Happi and a small panda tilt puzzle.

3 Book Boxes

All the wonderful things above, PLUS My Dad is a Grizzly Bear

4 Book Boxes

Everything above PLUS Love by Patricia Billings

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2 Book Boxes:

Sunflower Sisters, a wonderful book that tackles the issue of colourism and The Pirate Mums which features a two Mum family. Also in the box is a colourful creature tilt puzzle and some delicious Choc Chick Snacks along with the usual puzzles and activities.

3 Book Boxes

In our three book box, you get a real treat this month. A celebration of black children, beautifully written and illustrated by some incredible authors and illustrators. It’s called Hey You and it’s totally unmissable.

4 Book Boxes

And in our four book box, all the wonderful things we’ve already mentioned PLUS a lovely beach story called Bea by the Sea.

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2 Book Boxes:

There’s an Alien in the Jam Factory is a hilarious chaotic story as is Mayhem Mission where Yusuf is trying to disrupt his sister’s wedding. In this box, you get some marbles and some delicious Choc Chick Snacks plus puzzles and activities.

3 Book Boxes

All the wonderful treats mentioned above PLUS Too Small Tola and Three Fine Girls

4 Book Boxes

And this box has Mermaid Rock in it. A story all about mermaids. Who doesn’t love those!

Hope you’re even more excited for our July boxes than you already were! We love putting these boxes together, curating them and coming up with the bespoke puzzles and activities is a real labour of love, so thank you so much for using us for birthday presents and well done at school presents. For Bar Mitzvahs and Christenings and for Happy Summer Holiday Presents. Let us know if you need a specific gift and we would love to help you out!