Channel 4 News - 27th August 2018

In response to CLPE report ‘Reflecting Realities’, Channel 4 News spoke to school children and authors about diversity and representation in children’s books and spoke to us at Little Box of Books as a solution to children not seeing themselves in the books they read.

Read the study here

Sky News -21st July 2018

In our first media interview, Sky News interviewed our Director Lynsey. This was in response to the publication of the CLPE, (Centre for Literacy in Primary Education) report, ‘Reflecting Realities.

The full interview can be found on our Facebook page at The interview focused on the fact that only 1% of children’s books published in 2017 featured a main character of BAME origin.

Lynsey discussed how children’s publishing needs to focus more on diversity and representation, so that more children see themselves in the books they read.

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The Bookseller

Lynsey was interviewed by The Bookseller about the launch of Little Box of Books.

The interview touched on the motivation for setting up the business and the need for diverse representations of family set up and a diverse range of protagonists in children’s books.

The full feature can be found here

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