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March’s Baby and Toddler Book Box

A photograph of what is inside March's Baby and Toddler Box

March’s Baby and Toddler Book Box

I can’t believe it is March already! January feels like adjustment month: the month dedicated to registering that we are in 2022, not 2021 anymore. Then February whizzes by. The current climate of the world is very frightening right now. Yet, we had a wonderful World Book Day launching our new programme with the Chelsea Foundation. For International Women’s Day, we have advocated that you ensure your bookshelves have a diverse range of female characters. So, without a moment more to lose, lets see the diverse offerings of March’s Baby and Toddler Book Box.


How To Say Hello by Sophie Beer

With its fun illustrations, this book opens the ways that we can say ‘hello’ to each other. This is a great choice for shy children, who may find meeting new people intimidating. On the page, ‘We can say hello…from somewhere we feel safe’, the child is peering out from their parent’s legs. This book advocates for children navigating the world from a place where they feel comfortable.


Let’s Go on a Helicopter by Rosalyn Albert & Natalia Moore

This is an exciting trip on a helicopter. The passengers get a chance to see what it is like to have a bird’s eye view. From up in the helicopter, the buildings look like tiny toys among the ant-like crowds.


I’m Growing Great by Mechal Renee Roe

Each page has a gorgeous illustration of a different girl. She celebrates herself and the growing that she does each day. Given that it is International Women’s Day in March, this is the perfect book for encouraging girl-kind.


My Mums Love Me by Anna Membrino & Joy Hwang Ruiz

March is the month of not only International Women’s Day but Mother’s Day too. Told from the baby’s perspective, this story is about how two mothers share caring duties for their child. Whilst this is a beautiful example of a same-sex family, it is, simply, a warm-hearted tale about love. Reading it makes you feel all cosy inside.


You can get your hands on March’s Baby and Toddler Book Box now.