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It’s hard to know where to start at the moment. We’re making seismic changes to the way we live and socialise and work. Some of these will be good and positive later on but right now, they’re extremely painful and difficult.


It was while thinking about this that I came up with the idea of #LittleBobLoveLetters. We have an army of enthusiastic subscribers and customers who, we know, want to make a positive impact on the world. We want to help them do that.

Who can we help?

Residents in care homes are living in complete isolation, unable to receive visitors or go outside and often without digital connections. The elderly and chronically ill are living in total isolation to protect them from this disease.

What can we do?

We have put a stamped addressed envelope in all new orders and boxes of diverse books this month. This is to encourage children to draw a picture or write a letter for a care home resident.

We’ve addressed the envelopes to the care home in Northumberland that looked after my Dad when he was poorly. It’s lovely to give back to the community that looked after him when we all needed it most.

Covid-19 Love Letters.

As the Covid-19 crisis continues we will look to send to different places so will welcome any nominations you might have.

If you can think of a care home or a facility that would welcome getting some letters we will do what we can to mobilise our subscribers to keep writing letters and sending pictures.

And if you want to order inclusive and representative books, we are fully stocked up and would LOVE To send you some to help you in this tricky period of isolation. Take care everyone. Read great books, watch great TV, get to know your neighbours, look into government support to get you and your family through this and most importantly, STAY AT HOME.

These are the NHS guidelines.