Our story

We set up Little Box of Books when we couldn’t find our blended family in books. We wanted to see stepdads in books, incidental to the storyline but visible, reflecting our normal. We started to look at the content of children’s books more generally, thinking about gender equality, diversity and representation and then formulated our plan.

Now we curate collections of books so that more children can see themselves in the stories that they read. We find representative, inclusive, brilliant books from a diverse range of authors. If you want to be part of it please give us a shout at [email protected]

Lynsey –  Avid book reader and book buyer who has worked a lot in media in TV and then later as a humanitarian and charity communicator. Careerwise, a bit like Mr Benn.

Neil – The techy brains behind Little Box of Books, the attention to detail, money manager and the IT support guy.

[mvc_timeline_father title=”The adventure so far….” size=”32″ linebg=”#f4f4f4″ clr=”#000000″][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”delivered 10,000 books to primary schools and nursery all over the UK” titlealign=”right” date=”November 2020″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”we moved all our packing operations to a warehouse” titlealign=”right” date=”October 2020″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”KPMG came on board to support Change the Story crowdfunder” titlealign=”right” date=”August 2020″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”launched Change the Story Crowdfunder, fronted by Rochelle Humes – to raise £55,000 to get 10,000 books into primary schools all over the UK” titlealign=”right” date=”July 2020″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”Won the Mission Possible Award in the Small Business Awards for social Enterprises” titlealign=”right” date=”June 2020″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”launched partnership with Skyscanner, bringing the world to families while being unable to travel anywhere” titlealign=”right” date=”May 2020″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”provided Giovanna Fletcher with Bedtime stories for her Saturday night lockdown readings with children” titlealign=”right” date=”April 2020″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”launched COVID kindness, providing customers with stamped addressed envelopes so they could draw and write to care home residents completely isolated because of lockdown” titlealign=”right” date=”March 2020″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”Supported thousands of families with book boxes as period of lockdown and home schooling was announced” titlealign=”right” date=”March 2020″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son maintitle=”Lockdown” titlealign=”center” date=”March 2020″ clr=”#dd3333″ icon=”fas fa-lock” bgclr=”#dd3333″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”launched Our World Book Day box, offering costume options to black, Asian and children of minority ethnic origins who might have wanted to dress up as a character of their own ethnicity.” titlealign=”right” date=”March 2020″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”Lynsey appeared on BBC Breakfast talking about the portrayal of stepparents and blended families in children’s storybooks” titlealign=”right” date=”February 2020″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”we launched our big big box of books, offering schools the opportunity to buy a box of inclusive and representative children’s books” titlealign=”right” date=”January 2020″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”appeared in the Daily Mail Christmas Gift Guide” titlealign=”right” date=”December 2019″ caption_url=””][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”Ofsted introduced new framework for inspections, with a greater emphasis on reading and a commitment to diversity” titlealign=”right” date=”September 2019″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”won Silver Made by Mums Award for our inclusive and representative book boxes” titlealign=”right” date=”May 2019″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”first Pop up shops to mark World Book Week – talked about the importance of introducing children to characters that show the diversity of our population to ITV News” titlealign=”right” date=”March 2019″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”started our school book supply” titlealign=”right” date=”January 2019″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”appeared in Guardian Christmas Gift Guide two days after youngest son was born – spent first Christmas packing and feeding” titlealign=”right” date=”November 2018″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”appeared on Channel 4 News talking about lack of diversity in Children’s books” titlealign=”right” date=”August 2018″][/mvc_timeline_son][mvc_timeline_son centerstyle=”dot” maintitle=”launched and sold first boxes” titlealign=”right” date=”July 2018″][/mvc_timeline_son][/mvc_timeline_father]