Our story

We set up Little Box of Books when we couldn’t find our blended family in books. We wanted to see stepdads in books, incidental to the storyline but visible, reflecting our normal. We started to look at the content of children’s books more generally, thinking about gender equality, diversity and representation and then formulated our plan.

Now we curate collections of books so that more children can see themselves in the stories that they read. We find representative, inclusive, brilliant books from a diverse range of authors. If you want to be part of it please give us a shout at [email protected]

Lynsey –  Avid book reader and book buyer who has worked a lot in media in TV and then later as a humanitarian and charity communicator. Careerwise, a bit like Mr Benn.

Neil – The techy brains behind Little Box of Books, the attention to detail, money manager and the IT support guy.