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Last year we conducted a survey of 100 Primary Schools, 80% revealed they had no budget available for books at all.

This seems unbelievable. Lots of us will remember having a school librarian and a designated, well stocked library space. This is not the reality for many of our school children.

Lack of school resources:

But facilities and resources for children of all ages have declined. In 2019, the Great School Libraries report found that school libraries had a lack of space, resources and expertise. Whilst every prison has a statutory library, one in eight primary schools has no library space at all. Worse still, schools with a higher proportion of children on free school meals are more than twice as likely not to have access to designated library space.

Schools are desperate for books!

Last year we donated 10,000 inclusive books to schools through our Crowdfunder with Rochelle Humes. We were inundated with requests from schools who wanted to be part of the project.

When we launched this programme, our inbox was filled with messages from teachers, asking how they could be part of it so they could get their hands on the books their children so desperately need.

“For many of our children our badly stocked school library is the only place that the children can access books. For some of our children they do not even own a book. ” Jane, Headteacher from Worcestershire.

Reading is a crucial life skill for all children. According to the OECD, when a child enjoys reading, they are more likely to succeed academically across all subjects. This helps them to fulfil their potential and achieve their dreams. 

We need to do something about this, urgently.

We need to remove the barriers that stop ALL children from having the opportunities they need to become expert readers. 

Your business can support your local primary school with the vital resources they need to make a reader out of every child. You can do this by becoming a Little Box of books business member. Help your local primary school with book donations, volunteer hours, and life-changing literacy support.

We want to work with YOU to fix this!

It has been suggested that between 20-25% of Primary School leavers do not read to the required standard for their age. This costs the economy 2.5 billion in lost taxes and leaves children with limited job and life prospects. 

Together, we can change this and make an incredible impact in the lives of children.

How you can help

For either a yearly or monthly subscription, you will receive:  book donations to the school of your choice, communications materials and training,  PR opportunities as well as brilliant skill enhancing volunteer opportunities for staff. This initiative bolsters the literacy capacity of your local primary school, future-proofing the workforce and improving the local economy.

Your involvement will result in your local primary school thriving. Individual children will develop reading skills they never expected. Your staff will gain invaluable life, social and professional skills.

Our projects are incredible for your PR and gain you the Little Box of Books Literacy badge for your website and external communications.

What are the next steps?

  • Sign up below, filling in the details of the school you would like to support, you will receive a welcome video by return email.
  • We will then be in touch within 10 days (longer in school holidays!) with a communications toolkit to help you talk to any staff you have, press, local community about your involvement in the project.
  • We will communicate with the school, let them know about your donation and link you both up. You will then receive monthly updates about the project, with regular updates from the school you are supporting.