Best Book Bundle (4-7s)


These are some of the best books around for 4-7 year olds and at a great price of £65.00 for 10 BOOKS (Plus £3.85 postage), this bundle is excellent value.

This is a collection of beautiful books, designed to encourage children to think about other ‘normals’ beyond theirs, helping them to develop empathy and transform into kind and compassionate superheroes.

These are books that encourage children to celebrate who they are, that show them the rich, diverse brilliance of our population while helping them to fall in love with reading and books.

Of course, we know stories are subjective so if you already have one of the titles we’ve chosen or you want to swap one out, send us an email when you order to [email protected] and we’ll get it perfect for you.


This fabulous book bundle will enthrall, entertain and make children think, helping them to keep their minds wide open to the people and world around them. Examples of some titles that may be in the bundle are…

  • Race Cars : A children’s book about white privilege
  • What Happened to You?
  • Look Up!
  • Amara and the Bats
  • Errol’s Garden
  • My Big Fantastic Family
  • Forever Star
  • Hey You! : An empowering celebration of growing up Black
  • The Invisible
  • The Girls

All for £65.00 plus £3.85 P&P

Contents may vary depending on stock levels