Books by Black authors and illustrators


Books by black authors and illustrators are  essential.  Children need to read books that feature authentic representation through authors who have lived experience of the topics or books they’re writing. It is essential that black authors and illustrators receive the attention that their white counterparts have enjoyed in the book industry for decades.

Buy our brand new bundle of books created by black authors and illustrators for the bargainous price of £110.00 plus £3.85 P&P via Royal Mail

 We won’t be able to keep it this cheap forever but we hope that lots of primary schools will swoop in and buy to help diversify their bookshelves.




Having a diverse bookshelf is not just about the characters in the books but about the people who make the books. We are delighted with this incredible box of 11 books. Books by Black authors and illustrators.

This is a move towards true representation. Storytelling is about hearing different perspectives, tales told as a result of life experiences.  The more voices we get to hear, the better. Celebrate and support black book creators by buying this incredible box of books.

11 titles of all different genres in one beautiful box. Suitable for children aged 3- 11.

£110.00 plus £3.85 P&P via Royal Mail’s 48 hr service

In this box of Books by Black authors and illustrators, read about a beautiful father, daughter relationship in a celebration of black hair in Hair Love. Meet the first black detective duo who are setting out to solve The High Rise Mystery. Enjoy a beautifully raw graphic novel set in a refugee camp in the brilliant book, ‘When Stars are Scattered’.

Full contents are here. Are subject to change based on stock levels.

  • Hair Love (age 3-5)
  • When Life Gives You Mangos (Age 8-11)
  • High Rise Mystery (Age 8-11)
  • When Stars are Scattered (Age 6-11)
  • Sulwe (Age 3-7)
  • Look Up (Age 4-7)
  • B is for Baby (Age 2-5)
  • Never Show a T-Rex a Book (Age 3-7)
  • So Much (Age 2-5)
  • Antiracist Baby (Age 2-5)
  • M is for Melanin (Age 2-7)




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4-7, Pre-school/toddler