Children’s Books about refugees


A ten book box that highlights the refugee and immigrant experience. Perfect for classrooms and homes. Bringing much needed compassion and understanding to this important topic. This box brings up brilliant conversations about conflict and what it means to be a refugee.

Price is £80.00 plus £3.85 P&P via Royal Mail’s 48 hour service.

Because of the subject matter, don’t be put off if the reading age listed below feels too young. On this topic, all books are suitable for the older children. They bring perspective and understanding and start really good conversations. This is a perfect box for primary school classrooms.

Books in our refugee book box

  • Boy Everywhere (Age 10-11)
  • Lubna and Pebble (Age 4-7)
  • Just LIke Us (Age 2-7)
  • My Name is Not Refugee (Age 4-7)
  • Azzi in Between (Age 6-12)
  • Nadine Dreams of Home (Age 5-8)
  • The Day the War Came (Age 4-7)
  • The Journey (Age 4-7)
  • Here I am (Age 4-11)
  • New From Here (Age 8-11)


Children’s books about refugees  and immigration can help children to become more compassionate and change the world. With an estimated 26.6 million refugees in the world, this ten book refugee book box is a potential world changer.

These books reinforce the need to care for our fellow humans, help children to understand that where we’re born is all down to luck and that we can all do things to make the world a better and safer place.

If you’re looking for Primary School books, or just some for your home bookshelves, this box is absolutely perfect.

These children’s books about refugees and immigration introduce children to brilliant refugee, asylum seeker  and immigrant characters and storylines. And help with understanding. Highlighting a shared humanity and encouraging compassion.

If children can understand a little of what it feels like to flee home and change countries, they are more likely to develop empathy, which is better for everyone!

Inclusive Books

Inclusive children’s books are great conversation starters and help adults to learn as well!

We’re always asked to provide diverse books for children but what children need is diverse bookshelves, stories that reflect a broad range of life experiences that have been told by people from different backgrounds. We diversify your bookshelf.  We diversify school bookshelves and we diversify home bookshelves.

These children’s books about refugees and immigration are a perfect antidote to some of the anti refugee sentiment that we heard around Brexit and in the last general election. Books include Boy Everywhere, a story about fleeing a boy fleeing Syria and ending up on a small boat.  My Name is not Refugee and Just Like Us remind readers that refugee is a label, not someone’s identity. Our children may be refugees ,classmates to refugees or even policy makers of the future, making it essential

Books in our refugee book box

  • Boy Everywhere
  • Lubna and Pebble
  • Just Like You
  • My Name is Not Refugee
  • Azzi in Between
  • Nadine Dreams of Home
  • The Day the War Came
  • The Journey
  • Here I am
  • New From Here