Diverse early chapter books for 5-8 year olds.


This is a two book bundle for children who are aged around 5-8.

For children who want to handle more complex stories and /or are starting to read a bit more independently this is the box for them. This box contains a mix of early chapter books and longer picture books that challenge children who are learning to read independently.

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A two book bundle of diverse early chapter books and longer picture books. These are the books that will diversify your 5-8 year old’s bookshelf. They help children see themselves in stories and help them better understand the world.

All books we choose are inclusive and representative. This means we choose books that show diversity in race, culture, family set up, relationships, gender roles and disability, incidental to the storyline.

Around age 5 children might want to start reading longer stories by themselves or with some adult help. This bundle is absolutely perfect for children at this reading age. Brilliantly entertaining for children, These are books that will challenge them to improve their reading without freaking them out!

This month’s books

(These are the books that you’ll get if you order today. We change the bundle contents every month so be sure to come back soon!)

Treasure under the Jam Factory – A brilliant book that features a disabled main character with the whizziest of brains. Who happens to own a jam factory.

The Marvellous Granny Jinks: Animal Magic. An extraordinary magical tale by one of our favourite author/illustrator combos

By the way, these age brackets are just a guide. It is great to have a collection of diverse early chapter books to encourage children to read longer books. However please feel free to buy whichever age bundle suits your child’s reading ability and interest. We don’t believe in kids being behind or ahead when it comes to reading. Books in all their forms are to be enjoyed.

Please email lynsey@littleboxofbooks.co.uk if you have any questions.

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