Summer Reading Bundles – Getting Ready


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These beautiful Summer reading collections will give your child the reading confidence they need. Buy a wonderful bundle of age appropriate inclusive books that will introduce your child to a diverse cast of characters and support them as they make the transition between school years.

Postage and packing included in the price of £50 for all selections.

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Jump on a summer reading bundle and gift you and your child hours of entertainment, knowing they are combatting summer learning loss whilst becoming even more excellent humans, it’s the perfect gift!


Summer reading bundles are going to save your Summer holidays!

The 6 week holidays are almost here. According to research, it’s not multiple visits to Alton Towers and holidays to exotic locations that are best for children’s wellbeing,  it’s lots of reading.

Summer is the perfect time to introduce new books and get into great reading habits. When a child loves to read, they are more likely to succeed academically in all subjects. This is why our Summer Reading Bundles are the best present you can get for any child.

6 weeks, 6 wonderful new books to help you through.

Contents may differ depending on stock availability and we’re going to be updating as the weeks go on. But, you can guarantee that if books are in our Summer Reading bundles they’re amazing books for your child. All inclusive and representative, helping children of all ages to understand, accept and celebrate diversity.

So choose a bundle based on the year the child you’re buying for is going into. Of course all our children read at different paces but the books we have selected are enough to challenge, entertain and of course teach children to be great humans.

All our books are about nurturing social conscience, teaching kids to be kind and creating cohesive communities. We’ve been doing this a long time so you can trust we know great books.