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Teachers have told us they LOVE to get books for their classes as end of term gifts, Christmas or birthday gifts. We have put together age appropriate bundles that reflect the diversity of our population so that children grow up understanding and expecting diversity.

Our books help to make children kinder and more compassionate and give them a grounding in equality.

We want the world to be filled with wonderful humans and our book boxes help make that happen.

Give the gift of great children’s books to a local school. It’s a great way to say thank you!

Each bundle contains 5 books, costs £34.99 plus £3.85 postage via RM’s tracked 48 hour service.



Gifts for teachers can be an awkward conundrum. So let’s ditch the ‘Best Teacher’ mugs and chocolates from the back of the cupboard. Let’s celebrate the end of term or Christmas with gifts for teachers that are good for everyone.

Bundles of inclusive books. Good for the teacher, because of new exciting stories to discover. Perfectfor the children in the class because our books help teachers to nurture social conscience, just by featuring a diverse cast of characters. Good for Ofsted, who like to see diversity on bookshelves.

These bundles are a brilliant idea for end of term gifts, Christmas gifts or well done on being a brilliant teacher gifts.

In a survey of a lot of teachers*, we asked if they would rather receive gin or books. And the response was a resounding books. And diverse books at that, or as we prefer to call them, books that diversify bookshelves.

The books we choose are all beautifully made. All from top publishers we find wonderful stories that feature a diverse cast of characters.

Our books show diversity in race, culture, family set up, relationships, gender roles and disability, showing children there is no universal normal.

All bundles are £34.99 plus £3.85 on RM’s tracked 48 hour service.

Grab them now and enjoy them in the classroom by the end of the week.





*Not a survey, just a very leading questionnaire asked to some of our best business fans!

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