Diverse books for adults and children. Learn Together


These bundles are the perfect way to diversify bookshelves together. Our monthly two book family selection boxes provide one book for the parent and carer and one for a child aged around 6 plus. Helping families to learn together.

With these boxes, adults spend every month reading a book that will broaden their horizons, so they learn about the world from lots of different perspectives. And teach us all how we all play our part in creating a fairer and equal society.

This month we are selling a box that includes

  • Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire by Akala RRP £8.99
  • Black and British, an Illustrated History  by David Olusoga RRP £16.99

The children’s books teach us all how to be global, world changing citizens.

Boxes are £20.00 plus £3.85 postage every month.


Learn Together. Diverse books for adults and children that are great conversation starters for the whole family.

We all have a particular view of normality, one that belongs to us and perhaps parts of our family. This sense of normal makes us feel safe. But it’s important to remember that what makes some people feel safe is different for everyone.

There isn’t a univeral understanding of normal.

In this book box, we put together two amazing books by authors marginalised because of their race, sexuality, family set up, gender or disabilities so families can hear from people whose perception of normality may be different from theirs.

These two book boxes help whole families to learn about race, family diversity, disability and LGBTQI+ issues plus much, much more. We change the selection every month. One book in each box is suitable for adult readers and the other is suitable for younger readers of around 6 plus.

This month enjoy,

  • Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire by Akala
  • Black and British by David Olusoga

Each box is £20.00 plus £3.85 postage and packing

Access blogs and extra content on our website about the book choices.

These diverse books for adults and children book boxes are designed to help families read from diverse bookshelves,  gain understanding and learn together. Enjoy our family boxes together to encourage everybody to create a fairer and more equal society.

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