World Book Day Inspiration Box


It’s World Book Day on March 3rd 2022.

In 2020, only 8% of children’s books published in the UK had a main character of black, Asian or minority ethnic origins. Over a quarter of our Primary school children are of black, Asian, or minority ethnic origins. This means that when World Book Day rolls around and most children are encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character, thousands of children will not be able to dress up as someone of their own ethnicity.

We want to change that so are offering this brilliant World Book Day Inspiration Box with 15 titles plus some great fancy dress tips inside for £125.00 plus £7.99 delivery

The collection includes fifteen books featuring a diverse cast of characters and includes a  brilliant guide to help parents, carers and teachers to get ready for one of the most exciting days of the year!





What’s inside the box!
Please be aware that contents may differ slightly from this list, depending on demand, but every book will provide brilliant costume inspiration for World Book Day and any other dressing up event you may host!

For ages 3-6

Oona by Kelly Di Pucchio

Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival

1, 2, 3, Do the Dinosaur by Michelle Robinson

We’re going to Find a Monster by Malorie Blackman and Dapo Adeola

For ages 4-7

Rapping Princess by Hannah Lee

The Pirate Mums by Jodie Lancett-Grant

Jabari Tries by Gaia Cornwall

Covered in Adventures by Gillian Hibbs

Sunflower Sisters by Monika Singh

For ages 5-8

Space Detectives by Mark Powers and Dapo Adeola

Ballet Bunnies by Swapna Reddy

For ages 8-11

Stuntboy in the Meantime by Jason Reynolds

Amari and the Night Brothers and by B.B. Alston

Front Desk by Kelly Yang





Additional information

Age range

4-7, Pre-school/toddler




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