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Skyscanner partnership

As countries all over the world work through their plans to tackle Coronavirus, none of us are going very far. Borders are closed, planes are grounded, we’re all limited in what we’re allowed to do.

A chance to escape

Reading for many of us is an escape route, transporting us to faraway lands or giving us windows into different cultures, traditions or ways of life.

Skyscanner and Little Box of Books

We have teamed up with Skyscanner to help you and your children to continue to discover new things, to go to new places and to see the world slightly differently, through amazing children’s books.

Head here to see our book recommendations for travelling without even leaving your house.

Diversify your book collections

Adventure can be found in discovering something right where you live, on your doorstep and creating something magical with your community, like in Errol’s Garden, or peeking into a beautiful relationship between a girl and her Grandmother, set in Iran.

Once your bookshelves are diverse the possibilities are endless. Go and visit the blog and get yourself a wonderful discount off a three month subscription with us. Happy travelling!

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