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Snow is falling

Welcome to Christmas time with Little Box of Books. We all know it’s early and many of you don’t celebrate, but we want to make sure that if you want to, you can get your Christmas presents from us in plenty of time. Because we all know families who want and need these books.

What’s in a box?

Our boxes contain children’s books from top publishers, authors and illustrators. Brilliant stories that feature diversity in race and culture, family set up and background. We include books that smash gender and disability stereotypes, that give children words for their feelings and teach them about kindness. These books teach children about the world and their place in it. They teach them that everybody matters, that everybody is normal, precisely because we’re all different.

We don’t share ‘issue’ books, they are mostly stories with the occasional, inspiring, age appropriate biography thrown in.

 Each box contains free gifts and puzzles and activities. All the books are hand wrapped and they come with an optional gift message.

Box of Delights

They are in short Christmas perfection. They’re the books you want your kids to read, the books you want your friends’ kids to read, to make them into brilliant grown up humans who understand the world they live in.

Buying is simple

When you buy your box of books, choose from 2, 3 or 4 books, choose whether to get them in a one-off box, in a pay monthly, no commitment, subscription, or a three-monthly subscription (Our most popular one and again no commitment because who needs that!) or a 6- month subscription. (We might have yearly subscriptions- we’re just working out if we can make it happen! Fingers crossed!)

Or choose a big box!

You can of course, also choose a big box of books from our big box selection. They are also marvellous presents, less frills, no wrapping but a bumper box of books that will instantly diversify any bookshelf. Make your selection then email to let us know the age group you want it for. We can do 8-11 year versions of that one.

Select Christmas delivery

The next step is to choose Christmas delivery from the drop down at checkout and you’re done.

Talk to us

We are extremely accommodating, and we really want as many of you as possible to get your hands on these books, so if you have any questions please sing out. Likewise, if anything is glitchy or horrible on the site, or not working or putting you off buying, please email me on [email protected]. We’re the only people doing what we’re doing so we want to make sure it’s as good as it possibly can be.

That’s all. Happy Christmas shopping you beauties.