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The Polari Prize for children and YA books, featuring LGBTQ+ authors and themes
A quote from Child Q's mother reading, "our children have families, have names, have hearts and minds, their lives matter. They wish to be scientists, educators, and mathematicians."."
A graphic with many books and the words 'World Book Day 2022'.
DIverse inclusive subscription boxes for kids
Best Children's Books Bundle for 8-11
Reflecting Realities report cover
Simon James Green writes books with kind compassionate protagonists and talks about LGBTQI+ romance and themes.
Why it's important for kids to see LGBTQI+ characters in the books they read is written on a rainbow backgrounds.
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Inclusive books
4 books per month. Subscription for 4-7 year olds
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Book present for a new baby
Donate a subsciption
The cover of a book called What is Racism? Which is a lift the flap explanation and call to stap racism
Love your planet book collection with a focus on the environment and sustainability
Children reading books
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