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A picture of question marks to signify the query over our July boxes.

It’s a little late this month because of holidays and the childcare juggle but as promised here are the contents of your August boxes…

Buy 0-3 Book Boxes from here (one off boxes and subscriptions)

2 Book boxes:

A wonderful beach story for this classic British Summer in Bea by the Sea and a cautionary tale about maths in Never teach a Stegosaurus to do Sums 

3 Book boxes:

These two corkers above PLUS… I Am Actually a Penguin

4 Book Boxes

Everything above PLUS M is for Melanin

And in each box you will receive the usual puzzles and activities plus some delicious Freddie’s Farm snacks and and dinosaur stickers and a mask.

Buy 4-7 boxes from here (one off boxes and subscriptions)

2 Book Boxes:

This month we have the incredible What Happened to You? and I’m Actually Really Grown Up Now

3 Book Boxes

In our three book boxes, you’ll find Number 7 Evergreen St, which is all about the importance of community…

4 book boxes

And in our four book box, all the wonderful things we’ve already mentioned PLUS Let’s Tell a Story: A Fairytale Adventure

Also in these boxes you’ll find, some Summer activities – skipping rope or a diablo or maybe even some marbles and some delivious corn snacks.

Buy 8-11 Boxes from here (one off boxes and subscriptions!)

This one is guaranteed Summer entertainment for your 8-11 year olds.

2 Book Boxes:

This month get your hands on LIfe of Riley: Beginner’s Luck and Front Desk by Kelly Yang…a brilliant story about a Chinese family moving to the US and living life as immigrants.

3 Book Boxes

All the wonderful treats mentioned above PLUS The Girl who Stole an Elephant

4 Book Boxes

And this box has Theodora Hendrix and the Monstrous League of Monsters in it, on top of all the other wonderful stories.

In every 8-11 box this month, is a Little Box of Books tote bag and some delicious corn snacks.

Our August boxes are a real treat! We love putting these boxes together, curating them and coming up with the bespoke puzzles and activities is a real labour of love, so thank you so much for using us for birthday presents and well done at school presents. For Bar Mitzvahs and Christenings and for Happy Summer Holiday Presents. Let us know if you need a specific gift and we would love to help you out!