Children's books for August 2022

Children’s books for August

Great children’s books make for great holidays. And we have just updated all of our bundles to help you out this Summer holiday. We pride ourselves on finding the best inclusive books for children aged 0-11 so they grow up understanding that there is no such thing as normal. Again for the people at the…Read story

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Book of the Week

Our book of the week is this absolute beauty from Candy Gourlay and Francesca Chessa. In ‘Is it a Mermaid?’, a creature that looks like a Dugong tells Benji and Bel that she is, in fact, a mermaid. Bel is accepting and supportive, Benji wants to point out all the things that prove she is…Read story

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Happy New Year!

I hope the festivities were enjoyed if you celebrate at this time of year, or you had some quality time at work or with family if Christmas isn’t for you. New Year can be a mixed experience, I find resolutions help. Starting the year with the best of intentions feels good and on this our…Read story

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