What’s inside?

All boxes have up to four, brand new, inclusive and representative children’s storybooks to keep and cherish.

Each box includes puzzles and activities to help all children get the most out of the books in the boxes. There’s always a wonderful free gift and we sometimes add little extra surprises as we go along to make the unboxing experience as magical and exciting as possible! The older children get a reading record and progress stickers, to help them keep up to date with the books they’ve read.

We promise gender equality, diversity in culture race, family and disability representation and really great storytelling. Reading with children is one of the best things you can possibly do for them. With Little Box of Books you know that your children are hearing stories that will expand their imagination and help them to explore and accept who they are and how they fit into the world.

Book present for a new baby

What makes a Little Box of Books so special?

A carefully curated selection of books

Featuring brilliant storytelling and beautiful pictures

New favourites that can stand the ‘again, again’ test

A refreshing change for everyone

Gender Equality

You know, girls not always being rescued, boys not always being pirates and all the nuance in between

Diverse characters

Characters incidental to the storyline that show the world in all its multicultural and diverse brilliance

A big mix-up of family situation

Blended, single parent, two Dads, Mum and Dad, foster parents, non-wicked step-parents…you get the idea

More visibility for under-represented children

Not defined by disabilities, family situation or upbringing

Spreading the joy

We work with schools and have donated more than 10,000 books through our crowdfunder

Celebrating diversity

Our book boxes show the diversity of our families, communities and population, helping more children see themselves in stories, helping all children to better understand the world and their place in it.

Our boxes make great presents

Our boxes make great presents for all ages, helping all children to go on adventures from the comfort of their own homes!

Feeling good

Our boxes make great presents for all ages, helping all children to go on adventures from the comfort of their own homes!

Our books are for 0-11 year olds.

Reading is crucial for all children so we are committed to finding books that keep all children engaged with stories.

The books we choose disrupt gender and disability stereotypes

Inspiring children to do and be whoever they want to be.

“Keep doing what you’re doing- it’s fantastic to see such a range of diverse books and characters, and I look forward to hopefully order from you again soon. “


4-7 subscriber –

“Lynsey, I cancelled my subscription this week because I felt like we just had enough books…..and then got my last box and signed up again ???????????? The books are too lovely, and the cause is too good, and so I guess we’re going to be one of those families totally overrun by books….!!!”


0-3 subscriber –